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what to expect

Before You Visit us

Please arrive for your appointment with clean, dry hair.
Feel free to bring pictures and ideas to your appointment.

Hair CutS & Styling

30 min Barber Style Cut
45 min Medium to Long Haircut + Style
Wash + Blowout
Special Occasion/Prom Hair
Extra Time for thermal styling, updos, long and/or thick hair

Hair Color

When booking a lightening service with any other service (i.e. color retouch, cut, etc), please select your lighting service FIRST, then your other service as an “Add On” service so you will be given the appropriate availability, thank you.

Hair Color Retouch

New growth color retouch for grey concealment, grey blending, or root color touch up. Includes wash/ blowdry + take home shampoo.

All Over Color

New growth touch up and refresh on ends to add shine, correct tone + add vibrancy back through ends. Includes wash/ blowdry + take home shampoo.

Mini Lightening Service
$100- $215

Highlight or handpainted balayage pieces to add brightness around face. Includes wash/ blowdry + take home shampoo.

Partial Lightening Service

Highlight or handpainted balayage pieces around the face + through the crown to add brightness + dimension. Includes gaze, wash/ blowdry + take home shampoo.

Full Lightening Service

Highlights, Babylights, and/or hand painted balayage throughout the entire head including nape area to add brightness + dimension. Includes wash/ blowdry + take home shampoo.

Color Gloss

Gloss to refresh, add shine, correct tone + add vibrancy back to ends of hair. Includes wash/ blowdry + take home shampoo.

Base Color Add-on to Lightening Services
Haircut Add-on
Corrective Color Consultation

20 minutes

Most corrective colors are collective. Often two or three appointments are needed to achieve desired results.

Hair Treatments

Smoothing Services

Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator is an ultra-fast, spray-in smoothing treatment that is keratin rich + formaldehyde free. This instant treatment can be added to any service with little to no time. This smoothing treatment eliminates 70-100% of frizz, will cut your drying time by half and will leave you with frizz free smooth results lasting 4-6 weeks.



Cezanne Smoothing System

The Cezanne Treatment fully penetrates the hair shaft enhancing softness, improving manageability, preventing breakage + protecting from heat. It eliminates 70-100% of frizz while keeping any natural curl. Our Cezanne smoothing treatment is 100% formaldehyde free. It is also free from any form of aldehydes and harmful toxins. It’s hypoallergenic + dermatologist tested, won’t irritate the scalp and won’t release any noxious gasses.

SHORT HAIR $250-$550 includes take home shampoo + conditioner
MEDIUM HAIR $375-$820 includes take home shampoo + conditioner
LONG HAIR $500 -$1000 includes take home shampoo + conditioner


We offer 7 different types of BOOSTER Treatments: Thickening, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Curl-enhancing, Strengthening, Chelating, + Blonding.

These treatments are designed to nourish the scalp and prepare the hair, allowing your hair regimen to perform at its maximum potential. Our BOOSTERS can be added to any service (with the exception of Cezanne) with no additional time in the chair.


Hair conditioning $12-$18
Scalp $25-$50
Clarifying $20-$40

stylist level system

Our progressive system consists of 5 stages.

Training Stage

Our Training Stage Stylist is part of our apprenticeship program on their way to becoming a progressed stylist. They are learning how to execute services as an O+L Stylist and are mentored and overseen by our senior artists.

Stage 1

Stage 1 stylists are stylists who have completed our training program and continue their education. They are building their clientele while working on advanced techniques.

Stages 2 - 4

For Stages 2-4, stylists are continuing education, have increased experience in services, and have heightened clientele demand, earning an increase in price structure with each tier.

Stage 5

Stage 5 stylists have advanced beyond stages 1-4. They have earned an increased price structure due to their dedication to education, guest experience, and client demand, along with maintaining a guest waitlist. They mentor and train assistants and junior stylists and are the most experienced stylists in our culture.